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[6 Nov 2008 | One Comment | 5,306 views]
5 Quality Photoshop Tutorials Well Worth Checking Out

Brushing up on your skills and learning new techniques is an essential part of any good Photoshop-using graphic designer. PSD Nation is committed to bringing you the very best of the best when it comes to Photoshop related goodies, and these tutorials are no exception. Each is well worth checking out and will doubtless add something to your skillset or inspire you.
Creating Hot Air Balloons in Photoshop
Follow this easy-to-use tutorial to create a simple, yet elegant, Hot Air Balloon scene.

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[30 Jun 2008 | One Comment | 10,135 views]
5 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials

While the internet is chalk full of photoshop tutorials, finding the creme of the crop can be a somewhat daunting task. PSD Nation has assembled a list of 5 suburb tutorials well worth checking out.
Tutorial 1 – Create a Fantasy Style Map
Vintage never goes out of style. The techniques presented in this tutorial are incredibly useful, not to mention easy, and are essential parts of any designer’s skill set.

Tutorial 2 – Create a Magic Crystal Ball
While it may not be especially useful to create a crystal ball, the skill and …

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[14 Jun 2008 | 2 Comments | 5,267 views]
Three Handpicked Text Photoshop Tutorials

Everybody loves text, especially us here at PSD Nation. Check out these three absolutely amazing text tutorials.
3D Text – Post Production Tutorial

Digital Arts’ beautiful tutorial is a must-read for anyone involved with Photoshop.
Smooth Glass Type Effect

There are almost unlimited applications for the techniques learned in this tutorial.
Flaming Meteor Text Effect

This beautiful effect looks great in anyone’s portfolio.